Welcome to the Type of the Times Project!

EVERY DAY FOR A YEAR I randomly selected sentences from an article on the front page of the New York Times. I drew each sentence on 7” by 8” paper using colored pencils.

My goal was to take the sentence out of context, reproduce it in a different visual style and thus explore the relationship between content, form, and meaning. From the beginning, developing a site such as this, sharing this project with others, and soliciting their responses was part of my plan. As such the sentences would grow from individual visual translations into a collection of illustrated material, and finally, into a dialogue with viewers.
Please read the sentences and interpret them for yourself. Comment on what they may mean to you OR comment as to what you think the sentence was referring to. Upload a drawing of your own if you want. “LET’S WATCH THIS GROW”.

After you post, you can click on the articles link to read the source articles.